About Us

Who we are

Spyros Limited is an unmatched development company in the Ghanaian Real Estate Sector, thoroughly focused on providing homeowners their dream homes in a unruffled manner. 

Our goal is to provide middle to high-end properties to clients with their dreams in mind.

We bestow our clients with world-class Real Estate investment solutions accompanied by incomparable property management services. Our developments are luxurious, yet affordable residential properties of high standards. 

Our mainspring has always been customer satisfaction. Our aim is to keep up the pace and deliver modern luxurious homes and raise the bar while setting the standards above the competition

Our in-depth understanding of the investment interest and housing needs of our clients and a street-level understanding of the Real Estate market, gives us a notch to tailor real estate solutions for all classes of people.


  • Develop luxurious housing estates for a wide range of status and need.
  • Provide flexibility of purchase for intending homeowners.
  • To provide empowerment and wealth-creation opportunities for people.
  • To set an exemplary standard by providing unbeatable customer service.


Our vision is to shape the modern property market in West Africa by applying the highest international standards in real estate investment, development and management.